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Green Building Consultancy

Oontrack is a leading company known for its exceptional performance and commitment to providing high-quality green building services such as certification and facilitation, ensuring a greener future for all.

We are proud of offering comprehensive sustainable building services that prioritize sustainable development and have a positive impact on the world around us. We provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each project thanks to our expertise and commitment to sustainable practices.

For projects aiming for certification under well-known rating systems like Assocham, IGBC, LEED, GRIHA and others, our organization provides facilitation services. The project's registration acts as a concrete indication of its sincere dedication to ecologically responsible design and initiatives.

The goal of our audit and installation services is to promote increased performance. Our knowledgeable auditors and installation specialists explore deeply to find areas where productivity can be increased, as well as efficiency and difficulties. We assist you in optimizing the return on your investments by optimizing the performance of your assets.

Offered Services

  • GEM Assocham
  • IGBC Green Building Certification
  • GRIHA Green Building Certification
  • LEED Green Building Certification
  • EDGE Green Building

GEM Assocham

A traditional, systematic, evidence-based rating system for the built environment, including associations of homes and businesses, is the GEM green building certification. It is created using the NBC 2016, ECBC 2017, and certain CPWD guidelines as guiding principles. The goal is to guarantee that building design, construction, and operation in the future use environmentally friendly practices. Many initiatives around the nation have been successfully rated thus far by the GEM certification program. Residential, high-rise, mixed-use, interior, institutional, commercial, factory, hotel, hospital, and public transportation, such as airports and train stations, are among the projects in this category.

IGBC Green Building Certification

A well-known certification program that recognizes and promotes green buildings in India is provided by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Aside from proving your commitment to a greener future, IGBC certification offers many advantages like lower operating costs, increased marketability, and better person health. Come along with us as we accept the IGBC Green Building Certification and contribute to a sustainable improvement of society and the environment.

GRIHA Green Building

GRIHA Green Building Certification

In India, one of the top certification programmes for green buildings is called GRIHA, or Green Rating for Integrated Conditions Examination. Selecting our GRIHA Green Building Services is the first step towards building a more environmentally friendly and health-conscious future. With our experience, all-encompassing sustainability approach, state-of-the-art technology, affordability, and industry recognition, we guarantee that your project will not only satisfy the most stringent green building requirements but also turn into a brilliant example of conscientious construction methods.

LEED Green Building

LEED Green Building Certification

The ultimate standard for green building certification globally is the Management in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, created by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC). By reducing carbon emissions, conserving resources, cutting operating costs, promoting sustainable practices, and creating a healthier, greener environment, LEED transforms your buildings into strong change agents. With LEED certification, you can enter a future where sustainability and excellence are present.

EDGE Green Building

EDGE Green Building

For projects aiming for certification underrating systems such as IGBC, LEED, GRIHA, WELL, EDGE, Assocham etc., we offer facilitation services. The best method to illustrate the design and initiative efforts made in a project that is truly “green” is through certification. Our strategy is to support the project team in creating an environmentally friendly structure that saves money and offers building occupants spaces that are conducive to health and productivity. Ultimately, the certification attests to the fact that the building’s construction and design follow the necessary environmental best practices and standards.